♡ 08 / 07 / 2019 ♡

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This is the page I made for talking about my boyfriend~. Yup, that timer up there is how long we've been dating, and although it doesn't look like that long right now, soon enough that timer is going to be up to fifty years.

Short confession moment though, I have no clue how to talk about him, lmao. Love is embarassing 😔. So I'll start at our origin story. Uhm! I techincally met him on Tumblr in the April-May area of 2019, we were both in the JJBA community at the time and he was some rando who posted the weirdest shit. Fate strung us together though since we both joined the same kin server at the same time (though he was a non-kinning interloper who snuck his way in). I don't really remember how it happened, but we made a side group-chat for the people who were most unhinged in that kin server, and me and him were members. That group-chat made itself into its only little clique and turned into a server itself eventually, where we got to know each other more. Apparently, he starts pining for me right away and I am oblivious. Throughout the next couple months we have stupid gay moments together on and off that I still don't notice (stupidly)! Erm, at the end the thing that triggered me into confessing my slowly developed feelings for him was a dumb Part 4 RP where we both noticed we were trying to get our totally unrelated characters to get together, lol. And now over two years later, we're here!

I'm not gonna lie though, through this journey we've had a shitton of ups and downs, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I honest-to-god think that we're stuck together at this point (/pos). No matter how many things that get thrown in our way we still find a way to pick ourselves back up. I forgot to say the best thing though, lmao. So, of course our relationship used to be long distance. He lived in North Carolina and I live in Wisconsin, big yikes moment. Except, in June of 2021, I snatched him away from his North Carolina residence and now he lives in the same room as me, and I get to wake up every morning with him~. In retrospect, that's really fucking crazy. Still probably the best thing that has ever happened to me though. Ugh, yeah I'm really bad with talking about shit, LOL.

The most important thing though is that I love him. I really do, more than I can ever convey. I feel like my actions aren't ever able to show it, and yes, typing this all out is a really weird way to show it but it's the little things that I like to do, y'know? I do want to marry him though, that is one of my ultimate goals. And to have a child. And to have a house. And to retire together. Just live life with him. Yeah. He knows all this, and I do too. Plus anyone else that hangs with us, lol. But I just feel like I have to say it again and again. I'm such a faggot.