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One of my bestest friends. Male manipulator and FNF fanatic.
Cagey has knowledge in various different things, including information about me that I didn't even know existed. Cagey never fails to amaze me. With his shitty DnB tracks to his phenomenal drawings (which he does on a phone by the way).
We met back in 2016 over Animal Jam and somehow we're still talking to this day. We share a lot of the same interests, but that doesn't mean we get along perfectly.
We actually hate eachother, I'm not sure why we're friends.

We're pretty close but I wouldn't consider us the best of friends. Cakie and I met because she was spitting straight fire in a Discord server. She's cool as hell and (almost) always spits straight facts. That's what I like about her, she isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's also extremely understanding and kind. She makes me feel genuinely accepted and understood. I wouldn't expect any less from someone who doesn't use horrid social media.

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Hey there. You can call me anything you'd like, but most people call me Sunny. I'm a 17 year old NEET.
I dropped out of highschool at the early age of 15, and ever since, I've spent the past few years huddled in my room doing nothing but talking to faceless strangers over the internet, exploring abandoned websites, and topping my latest Osu score.

I'm not the best at describing myself, but my friends might describe me as being extremely passionate. I don't have many passions, but I'm very devoted to the very few that I have.

I don't like small talk, it isn't worth my time. I dont understand why you would be interested in how my day is going. So I'll just ignore you. I only talk to people worth my time. Whether that be because they're interested in something I have to say, or I'm interested in something they have to say. That being said, I only value friendships with meaning and a role in my life. I don't have many close friends, because no one wants to talk to me about things beyond the surface.

I love collecting things. I have massive collections for various things. I have thousands of stuffed animals, but especially Beanie Babies. I also collect videogame consoles and manga. As I stated before I am quite passionate with stuff like this. When I start a collection, I am determined to complete it. Completing things is one of the only things that bring me so much joy. It makes me feel accomplished for once.
That is also why I fall under the category of "completionist" players, when regarding videogames. I'm determined to 100% every game I own, and achivement hunt for even the hardest achivements.
If I spend 60$ on a game, you bet I'm going to finish all that game has to offer. I've spent countless years trying to complete just once game, and it's very rare for me to have any less than 400 hours on one title.
One of my most played games (on record) is Splatoon 2, just barely passing 1 thousand hours.

You may not be able to tell from my site, but I'm interested in things like psychology, philosophy, criminology, and forensics. I've always wanted to work in the field of law, but considering I never finished highschool, that'll never happen. Plus, I don't want to support a system as corrupt as the American justice system. (What a nightmare it is to live in this country)

I do spend a LOT of my time researching things and learning about them, because I have nothing better to do with my freetime. I like researching - you guessed it - anything regarding people and their behavior. Just the human psyche is so interesting and fun to me.

One of my favorite genres in media is horror, especially psychological horror. Jumpscare horror is nothing but a cheap trick that you get used to after a while. Anyone can do that. It takes real skill to be able to scare someone by simply showing them something. It's something I've always respected. Especially the artists of visual horror, like mangas and visual novels.

I've always wanted to write a manga, but I never had the patience or talent to do so. I'm a visual person, so I could never do anything with words alone. It's always been a dream of mine to create a manga, or a visual novel. If only I were able to draw humans.

But I can draw monsters! Monsters are one of my favorite thing to draw. Er, more like creatures. Because monsters implies that they're dangerous and scary. But most of the time they're just simple little shapes with a face. You can find my art here.

Hm what else.
I'm really bad at writing biographies so I'll just leave it here. I'm also bad with conclusions.
What do I put here...


  • Cake
  • Cancel culture
  • Capitalist greed
  • Cars
  • Children
  • E-girl culture
  • Eggs
  • Fandom police
  • Idol anime/games
  • Minimalism
  • Modern pop music
  • Overly-nice people
  • Porkchops
  • Slice-of-life
  • Snow
  • Spiders
  • Sugary treats

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Why Doko Demo Issyo?

This website was originally Adeleine's Webspace, and I chose it because I've been a lifelong Kirby fan. I ended up changing it though, because the cutsie Kirby aesthetic didn't really fit my personality.
Doko Demo Issyo is a Japanese-only title, its first appearance being on the PS1. Doko Demo Issyo looks like a childrens franchaise on the outside, but it was actually originally targetted towards young adults. Toro was most likely supposed to represent young adults in Japan between the borders of childhood and adulthood. Toro spends most of his time indoors, ordering takeout, playing videogames, watching movies, and listening to music. And to be honest, that's all I do as well.
Toro struggles with social interaction, because he's a cat. His lifelong dream is to become human, and to become human, he must interact with other humans (the player) and learn about them. Toro is innocent and oblivious to the world he lives in. He speaks in broken language, and asks the player on tips for even adult topics, because he doesn't actually know what they are.
I didn't choose Doko Demo Issyo for the website for a particular reason. I just enjoy the franchaise a lot, it's such a cute concept (and I'm disappointed that only two Doko Demo games were ever localized ) Though considering what Toro represents, I'd say it fits me very well.