come on in to bungeegum, the place to be during these prime hours of the night~. i heard the owner is hangin' around the cabaret... oh, but we can stay and look around for a bit more if ya need. i've been here plenty of times, but someone like you should probably grab a map of the place first- and write yer name down in the precinct guestbook too. they like knowin' whose come in and out of this place. you never know what could happen if someone's not keepin' track~.

APR 17TH, 2024: small update; added a warning on the very first page of the site that lets people know that the site takes a moment to load. i realized that people may think its a fault of their computers or the site itself lags, when in reality i just put waaay too much shit on the main page

MAR 30TH, 2024: WOO! finally, the sitemap is able to be popped-up! it's slghtly particular to where you click it for it to open, but it shouldn't be too much of an issue. of course, it will be updated every tme there is a new page added as well

MAR 24TH, 2024: strip club is open! sorry for not updating, moved and stuff lmao. this page is pretty damn basic as of now, i'll make it prettier later that just involves drawing things for the layout lol. and i'm lazy. site map ACTUALLY next since now there's a couple pages that go every which way

JAN 16TH, 2024: the cabaret is finally opeeeeeeen, or at least the bare bones of it. it has all the info it needs, just doesn't look as pretty as i want it to lmao. will do the site map next alongside making the cabaret prettier, since my about me page has a couple of links that lead out of it! then after that comes the really fun stuff

JAN 10TH, 2024: BUNGEEGUM 2.0 IS FINALLY HERE !! we only have the bare essentials up right now, but i'm gonna be working on everything else for the next couple days since i'm so hyperfocused on this. hope the new layout is cool enough~. i'm proobably gonna be picking at this main page too over and over again. lots of plans.



Velvet Blue
Velvet Blue